Thursday, February 25, 2010

Get Organized Wednesday (on Thursday)

Here are a few more drawers of my 10 drawer file cabinet that stores my supplies. I have two drawers that store my Sizzix dies (you can see large and medium dies in this drawer). I can stack the large dies 3 high. Before this system, I had them all in very high stacks on my shelf and I would have to take them all down to find the one I need. Now I store like dies in a stack and only have to look through 3 to find what I need.
The other drawer holds my punches. This makes it very easy to find the punch I need, use it, and put it back. I have two drawers of punches. I hope this starts to get your organizational muscles flexing to see how you can use something you may already own in a new way to organize your supplies.

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