Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fishn' Thank you

Hello Everyone!  Christmas is fast approaching, there never seems to be enough time to do all the crafting I would like to do as well as all the stuff I am supposed to do.  So who is like me and way behind on making the Christmas cards?  I hope to get some made later this week.  I know this card has nothing to do with Christmas, but I was going through pictures to make a few presents and I came across this.  I made this card for a sweet family, who when they heard my DS liked to fish invited him and my DH to go out on their boat.  I made it and it never got sent.  What would you do, months have elapsed and we never sent a thank you.  I made this immediately and then it was never sent.  Would you send it still, sort of belated?  Let me know.  This was made with a Prima set, they are very sweet images.  Have a great week.  I hope you are productive in your crafting endeavors as Christmas approaches.  Anyone have any awesome teacher gift ideas?

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